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About RoadLINX

As the leader in trucking companies, our trailers, trucks, mobile warehousing units and intermodal containers allow our domestic and international customers to ship quickly and cost effectively in North America and around the globe

Warehousing and Distribution

Roadlinx is one of the only trucking & freight transportation company that is now proud to offer in house warehousing and distribution services, aside from freight services. Let us provide you with our full 3PL service and deal with all your logistics from bringing it in, storing it, picking and delivering it to your end buyer.

Creating Value With Your Supply Chain

There was a time when all the pundits were arguing about what was meant by the term Supply Chain or Demand Chain or Value Chain, or whether we should use the word chain at all because chains have links that can be broken and we should all be part of a pipeline.

Canada’s Ceta Export Challenge

As freight carriers observed, in spite of the different territorial and political interests of the parties involved, it has taken four years of low-key collaborative negotiations between all of Canada’s provincial governments, territories, municipalities to reach an agreement that will give a mere 35 million Canadians the ability to export.

Top Freight Trucking & International Shipping Services in North America

RoadLinx is a proud provider of cross-border freight shipping and overall freight services in Canada and the U.S. We work with our customers to determine the best transportation solutions whether it’s a simple pick up and delivery from point A to B or more complex with many steps in between. Whether you are looking for trucking companies to ship less than truckloads (LTL) or a Full Truck Load (FTL) we have the equipment and resources to handle your shipments.

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Top Freight Trucking & International Shipping Services

Our Freight Trucking & International Shipping Services

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RoadLINX has been providing expert full truckload shipping throughout our many years of operation and knows how to make this method safe, fast and cost-effective for our customers.

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Less than Truckload

LTLs can easily be consolidated with other shipments in these large trucks. Shipments such as clothing, textiles, nonperishable food items and various equipment and electronics are all good candidates for ltl truck shipping.


Reefer & Heated

Any RoadLINX’s refrigerated truck or “reefer” truck is constructed with industry standard technology including advanced temperature control and environmental safety considerations.


Flatbed Trailer

RoadLINX offers only the best flatbed trailer options for this versatile hauling method. Our sturdy construction flatbed trailers are ideal for full and less than truckloads along with specialty and oversized items.


Warehousing & Crossdocking

RoadLINX offers a variety of supply chain solutions including warehousing and cross docking. Our comprehensive services allow for great flexibility in scheduling, cost and freight type, such as storing electric bicycles inventory.


Trade Show

RoadLINX has a special relationship with Toronto trade shows, where we not only display our trucks but also help to deliver cargo. If your company needs equipment, products, display pieces or anything else delivered to trade shows Toronto then look no further than RoadLINX.


Expedite Services

We take our already fast shipping methods and put them into overdrive for you. Turn your 2-day shipment into a 1-day shipment with our expedited services along with other fast benefits.


Dry Van Freight

Dry van trailers are the most common freight shipping option that allows for safe, secure and economical transportation of dry goods, nonperishables and various types of equipment.


Expedited Shipping Services

RoadLINX specialty service offerings include fast shipping which is guaranteed to speed up your already fast delivery service. Essentially using our expedite service means that we will ship your product directly with no additional pick up or deliveries in between.

We are also able to team up 2 drivers for long distance trips so your delivery keeps moving. This allows for 24-hour straight transportation while ensuring the safety of your products and our drivers. It also reduces the chances of delays and mishaps associated with transferring product from one truck to another.

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Freight Warehousing Solutions

RoadLINX isn’t just about transporting your goods, we can also store them! We offer both long and short term warehousing solutions in our warehouses or with a mobile unit which can be stored on your own property or our secure lot. This is an ideal solution for when your warehouse is full and you need additional space without seeking out a completely new structure.

Our warehousing solutions also work well for when you need to clear out space from an office building or factory in order to make room for new equipment or to move to a new facility. No matter your warehousing needs, you can benefit from these added value services:


We Transfer your goods form one trailer to another with little to no warehousing in between to make the process as fast and smooth as possible.

Secure On Site Storage

Our secure facility offers a safe and organized storage with heightened security featuring 24hr camera surveillance, smoke detectors, sprinklers and monitoring.

Palletize and Shrink Wrap Services

We process and protect your goods, store them and distribute them throughout Canada and the U.S.

Warehousing Handling

We process and protect your goods by offering unpacking and packing services alongside palletizing and shrink wrapping services to make sure your goods are stored and moved securely.

Flexible Warehouse Options

When you store within one of our facilities you can use as much or as little space as needed, no minimums or maximums.

Off Site Storage

Rent one our mobile storage units to store on you own property for easy access while still freeing up space within your primary facility.

RoadLINX Trucking Companies values our customers, our team and everyone who goes into making transportation of goods better for everyone. Learn more about the RoadLINX advantage, our freight services and more by speaking with our staff to receive a free quote for any of our services!

Speciality Freight Services

RoadLINX has everything from standard flatbed trailers and dry van trailers to specialty trucks, containers and trailers that have the ability to move even the largest and most difficult cargo. Some of our Freight Services include:

Reefer Truck

Refrigerated or Reefer truck is a temperature controlled vehicle that can keep items cool or even frozen throughout most weather conditions. Despite the name, it is also able to keep items warm as well when you need to ship items during cold months.

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Multiple Temperature Control Trucks

Our heated and refrigerated trucks come with up to three separate compartments with independent temperature control. This allows you to ship multiple products that require different temperatures, such as frozen foods, wine and chocolate.

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Overweight and Over Dimensional Cargo

We have step decks and double drop trailers to accommodate some of the tallest shipments as well as heavy duty trailers guaranteed to support upwards of 100,000 pounds

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Freight Expert Handling

RoadLINX makes each shipment we handle a priority by ensuring state-of-the-art tracking on all of our door-to-door services. In addition, we also offer specialty add-ons including:

Blanket Wrapping

Even your most fragile cargo is safe with our blanket wrapping service. We expertly wrap items like furniture and other fragile items which require special care when being transported. All of our vehicles are also equipped with straps, ramps and other equipment to make moving pieces easier and more secure.

Man Power

Upon request, we will provide additional labour workers to load and unload your shipments. This ensures that your items are handled with care and the chances for injuries are reduced.

Trained Escort Handling

As one of the top trucking companies, we can provide specialized escort services to help guide oversized hauls which are required by law.

Responsive Service and Handling

Even last minute requests can be handled with ease by the RoadLINX team. Our dynamic system allows us to respond to initial requests and changes to schedule with ease. This is an imperative function when suppliers, customers and others are all relying on shipments to run on a tight schedule. RoadLINX takes this seriously and makes efficient, responsive handling a top priority for all stages of our transportation from initial service request to final delivery.

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Personalized Freight Trucking Company

Our team will work with you to design a transportation approach that works best for your company and freight. Like no other trucking companies, we offer a wide range of specialty and standard shipping equipment to make moving your products easier and more cost effective.

Not sure what shipping method is best suited for you? No worries! The RoadLINX brokers are well versed in all our company’s service offering and will provide recommendations and price quotes to help you make informed decisions about your shipping requirements.

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Intermodal Container and Ocean Shipping

RoadLINX, unlike many other trucking companies, is now providing the same secure, affordable and detail-oriented shipping options to international cargo as we do to North American shipments. Whether you need your products to travel over water, air, land or a combination of all three, we have the equipment to seamlessly transport your goods.

Benefits of RoadLINX Intermodal Shipping: With options for both full container and less than container loads, RoadLINX is proud to be making international shipping possible for all companies, large and small.

Also, unlike other intermodal and ocean shipping providers, we are not exclusively tied to one carrier. This means we are able to look within our trusted network for more specific solutions to your shipping requirements so you will never be pushed into staying with a single carrier.

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Intermodal Container and Ocean Shipping

RoadLINX provides freight services and freight shipping in Canada and the U.S.

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